The Southampton Citizens Association serves the Southampton/Stratford Hills community by promoting initiatives that preserve and improve the livability, economic value and welfare of our neighborhoods and valued community resources.

Our stewardship includes the James River, green spaces, roadways, churches, retail centers and recreational facilities.

We meet on the 3rd Tuesday of each month @ 7:15 at the Southampton Recreation Center at
3201 Chellowe Road.
All are invited.

Finalized Articles and Bylaws:
Articles of Incorporation

The latest Newsletter has been mailed and is also available online by clicking the Newsletter tab above.

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Find out what's being discussed at the SCA meetings.
Click Here for list of SCA meeting minutes.

Recruitment process for a new Chief of Police

In an effort to ensure we select candidates with the essential qualifications desired by City residents, Town Hall meetings have been scheduled to solicit your valuable input..
Click here to view the Town Hall Meeting Schedule

2200 Sheila Lane Development Documents

Sheila Lane Application Packet
Sheila Lane Revised Site Plan

New Leaf Collection Process

As most of you know we now have a new leaf collection system. The link below will take you to the city's website where you can view the 3 new options that are now available for collection. We are Sector 4.
Click here to view the new procedure

Cherokee Road Townhouses

The Southampton Citizens Association (SCA) position
relative to the Special Use Permit request of Baker Development Resources and Youngblood Properties on Cherokee Road at the intersection with Old Westham Road.
Click here

Because of continued concerns about density, traffic, and opposition from neighbors the developer's latest proposal was voted down at our June meeting (7/2017)

Documents relevant to the proposed water facility construction at Larus Park

Larus Park, Release of Legal Opinion
The Southampton Citizens Association (SCA) conveys our gratitude to Councilwoman Kristen Larson for releasing the City Attorney's legal opinion pertinent to Larus Park. It should be noted that as recently as Tuesday evening, SCA held a conversation pertinent to the attorney's findings and if upheld the ramifications thereto. For the legal opinion, click here

Ordinance 2001-25-39
This ordinance calls into question the leasing of any part of Larus Park for any development. [This same wording was added to the City Code Section 8-2 (c)]: "11 c. Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary ... Lewis G. Larus Park ... shall not be leased for any purpose that would result in or involve any development of any part of these public park lands." Click here to review ordinance

To review a copy of the deed
for the Larus Tract owned by the City of Richmond and now known as Larus Park click the following links. Page1, Page2

SCA letter to the City Planning Commission regarding the Shops at Stratford Hills CUP

The SCA again met with Harper and Associates on May 4 to share concerns regarding the amendments to the CUP. There continued to be little movement on Harper’s part to work with the SCA’s requests.

After a process of meetings and discussions over a period of roughly 5 months the SCA will be sending a letter to the chair of the SCA will be sending a letter to the chair of the City planning commission explaining our position.

Click here to read the full letter

Click here to see proposed landscaping plan and area where retail is proposed

Preliminary plan amendment application for the current Shops at Stratford Hills CUP

Below is a link to Harper and Associates preliminary plan amendment application for the current CUP (Community Unit Plan).

When the Shops at Stratford Hills project was in its early stages a rezoning request was made and a CUP was agreed upon to establish a set guidelines for the development, and protections for the community. The developer is now requesting to make alterations to the original plan.

Click Here to Read the amendent

A brief update of the March 2017 SCA meeting.

The developer for the townhouse project on Cherokee canceled on us again at the last minute (for the 3rd time), so we don't have anything new to report on that, but we will be letting them know that this unprofessional behavior is disrespectful to SCA and the people that take the time to come to our meetings expecting that the presenters to be there.

City representatives gave us more information on the creek restoration and answered questions. There are some good pictures posted in the comments of the previous post of a creek restoration they recently did at Maury Cemetery.

Unfortunately there still isn't a tenant for Martin's. The Harper representatives didn't show us any plans for the changes they want to make, but instead invited everyone to a community meeting on April 6 @ 6:00, which will be at one of their vacant properties in the shopping center, to discuss in detail their plans for revising the CUP (Community Unit Plan for rezoning a parcel of land). This will include signage on Chippenham and also ways to make access to the stores easier- which will likely include a proposal to open up Cherokee Rd into the shops. As stated before, this is something that the SCA fought hard to protect when the first CUP plan was approved, and we are still against it now. A representative for Harper did say they regret the way the clear cutting was done, and plan to do some landscaping, but didn't have any plans for that yet. Apparently the security issue with the shops was so urgent that they had to move quickly and this resulted in what is now an eyesore on Forest Hill. The urgency, reason, and technique of this can all be debated, but the fact is the damage has been done and hopefully we'll see some effort put into landscaping there soon.

As for the land usage of that lot, our impression from their presentation was that only the front corner ( including the area where Dilligafs use to be) was going to be developed commercially, the rest would be landscaped. Of course that doesn't mean it won't be developed later on, especially now that it has all been cleared, as well as what ends up happening with Cherokee Rd.

We will keep you posted on the details of their April 6th meeting.

February SCA Meeting

We had a great turnout for our Feb. SCA meeting last night- thanks to all those that attended!

Representatives for the City's Rattlesnake Creek project made a presentation and fielded many questions about the project. Some of the concerns included the approval process ( the community seems to have had little, or no notice of this project before it was approved by Council), the procedure for the project (not starting from the bottom section of the creek and working up, some felt that this, along with concentrating on only one section of the creek, may create more problems further down stream), and the amount of trees that need to be cleared for the work to be done.

Neighbors also voiced concern about the clear cutting at the Shops at Stratford Hills (supposedly this was done because of homeless encampments within the woods). Harper and Assoc. will be making a presentation to the SCA in the near future.

Our new councilperson Kirsten Larson also stopped by and gave a brief update and asked questions.

"Forest Hill" Ave /Shops at Startford Hills clear cutting

A lot of neighbors are inquiring about and conveying displeasure with the tree cutting on Forest Hill Avenue in the lot that adjoins the Shops at Stratford Hills.

The lot is owned by Harper Associates, i.e. same ownership of the Target/ Martin's shopping center. Harper Associates approached your neighborhood association with a plan to construct new retail on the site and the Southampton Citizens Association (SCA) voted in opposition. Despite the vote, the trees were removed. SCA has conveyed to Harper Associates that new landscaping to include new trees should be planted on site.

The Southampton Citizens Association welcomes your feedback pertinent to next steps.

Email the SCA , or message us on Facebook
Forest Hill Ave Widening Project (updated 12/13/16)
Project news:
Land acquisition is nearly completed for this project. The City will begin relocating utilities in the spring and construction will likely commence in the fall. For more comprehensive review of the project; Click here

Break-Ins (updated 7/11/16)
We have received numerous reports today (7/11) from our neighbors that reside on or in near proximity to Cherokee Road that their vehicles were burglarized last night. Please make sure that your cars are locked, and report any unusual activity that you may see to the police.

A shed was recently broken into sometime between July4th and 6th at the 7000 block of Marilea Road. A generator, blower, and trimmer were stolen. The shed was locked but they still got in sometime during the night.
Be sure to secure your sheds, porches etc, and REPORT any suspicious activity in the neighborhood to the police.

2016 Annual Treasurer's Report
Thanks to SCA Treasurer Kathryn Whittington for preparing the SCA's lastest financial report.
Click Here to Read the Report

News Story about Proposed Townhouse Project on Cherokee

Click here for a news-story regarding the proposed townhouse project on Cherokee Road

SCA in the News- Why There Is No Cherokee Entrance to the Shops@S.H.

SCA president Jon Young and Councilwoman Kathy Graziano explain the reasons for there not being a Cherokee Road Entrance to the Shops at Straford Hills. Click Here to read the Times Dispatch article

trash bags
2014 SCA clean-up

Cherokee Road, Proposed Developmentproposal
Youngblood Properties ( proposes to build thirteen townhouse-style single-family attached dwellings at 2940 Cherokee Road. This would require a special use permit for the property.

The property is 1.6 acres in size and is one of several vacant properties located to the west of Cherokee Road and behind the Martin’s fuel center on Forest Hill Avenue. The thirteen townhomes would offer a transitional use between more intense uses generally located along Forest Hill and single-family dwellings to the north and west of the property. Access and egress would be from Cherokee Road.

The site layout was designed with sensitivity to the adjacent neighborhood in mind. The townhomes would be configured in two rows perpendicular to Cherokee Road and would include front facades on the sides of the buildings facing the street. The proposed front yard setback for the buildings would be consistent with that of nearby single-family dwellings. Parking, including 25 spaces, would be located between the buildings and similarly setback from the street. This along with appropriate landscaping, screening and/or retention of existing vegetation along the Cherokee Road frontage will give the townhouse buildings the feel of two single-family dwellings as viewed from the street. The proposal also includes buffers at the periphery of the site and a green space between the two buildings, both of which offer opportunities for the retention of existing trees where practicable. lot

The proposed townhomes would be clad in quality materials including brick and hardi plank siding – no vinyl siding would be permitted. Individual townhouse facades would have unique character due to variation in detail and material. This would be achieved by alternating brick and hardi plank facades and through the use of different design features to add visual interest. These design features would include details such as dormers, standing seem metal roofing, porches or covered entries, a varied roof line, and simulated shake shingles in the gable areas.

Townhome size would range in size from 1,450 to 1,973 square feet of floor area. The units would be configured as three bedroom and two and one-half bath units with a mix of first and second floor master bedroom layouts.

The developer will be making a presentation to the SCA board in the near future.

SCA Minutes
Find out what's being discussed at the SCA meetings.
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Trash Pickup

Residential trash is collected once per week.  Supercans must be placed out by 6 a.m. the day of collection to ensure pick-up.  Receptacles may be placed on city property or in the public right-of-way no earlier than 4 p.m. the day prior to collection and requires the receptacles be removed by 7 a.m. the day after collection. The city recommends that you put yard debris, such as leaves, in bio-degradable plastic or paper bags, so they can be recycled.

Rules for Trash Pickup
a) All refuse to be collected by the City shall be limited to containers approved by the Director of Public Works or to bulk or brush items.
b) Refuse receptacles must be City – Provided ninety (90) or (95) gallon mobile containers which weigh no more than one hundred eighty (180) pounds when filled and placed for collection. Bagged refuse and boxes will be collected as part of the weekly collection.

Bulk Pickup
Some items are too large to fit in a super can or be collected using our standard equipment. Items such as furniture, brush, and yard waste are collected based on requests placed in the work order system by calling the 3-1-1 call center. These requests are worked on a four-week rotating schedule based on the date the request was entered into the system and the zip code. No building materials or hazardous waste items will be picked up.

One day service is available for a $100 fee.
The collection schedule for our zip code (23225-23235) is the 3rd week of every month.
There is a $50 fee for collection of appliances. For more information, or to arrange a pickup, please call 3-1-1. You may also send a check or money order to the following address and they will schedule collection immediately.

Department of Public Works Customer Care
900 E. Broad St., Room 704
Richmond, VA 23219
(Be sure to include the service address.)

Richmond residents may dispose of household and bulk items the department's transfer station, and yard waste to their landfill, at no charge.

The city of Richmond offers a curbside recycling collection service through its partnership with Central Virginia Waste Management Authority.  There is no need to separate items. The following items can be mixed all together in your recycling bin.

  • newspapers
  • mixed paper
  • aluminum cans
  • steel cans
  • aluminum foil
  • glass bottles and jars
  • narrow neck plastic bottles #1 & #2, such as milk, soap, shampoo & detergent bottles

Free Recycling Email Reminder
CVWMA also has a free curbside email reminder that recyclers can sign up to remind them when to place their recyclables out at the curb.

Recycling collection bins are also located at Stratford Hills Shopping Center.

Southampton School has a large red recycling bin. The bin is only for paper. Call the school if you have any questions at 320-2434.

SCA Reuseable Grocery Bagsrecyclingbags
New SCA neighbor packets will be delivered in these reusable grocery sacks. They are also available for purchase at $5.00. Money raised will help cover the cost of the bags and other neighborhood efforts. Contact Mary at to order.

Click on photo to enlarge

Waste Reduction News
Click here for the CVWMA December newsletter and read the latest waste reduction news, including tree recycling tips and 2010 recyclying schedules.

Household Hazardous Waste
paint The East Richmond Road Convenience Center at 3800 E. Richmond Rd., accepts household hazardous waste from 7 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. weekdays and from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. on Saturdays.

Items that will be accepted at the facility include:
Solvents (mineral spirits, paint thinner, turpentine, acetone)
>Paints (oil or latex, polyurethane, tung oil, stains, varnish, shellac, tints, lacquer thinners, paint reducers, primers, varsol)
>Fuels (gasoline, gasoline additives, #2 fuel oil, kerosene, diesel, chain saw fuel, motor boat fuel, oil additives)
>Propane tanks
>Car fluids (motor oil, transmission fluid, antifreeze)
>Car batteries (lead acid batteries only)
>Household cleaners and drain openers
>Herbicides and pesticides
>Cooking oil

Dealing with Neighborhood Wildlife Problems
Some suggestions from animal control offices about reducing the problems with wild animals.
Click Here for info

**Crime Watch
Petty crimes, such as change and small items being stolen from unlocked cars occur sporadically in the neighborhood. If this happens to you be sure to report it to the police.
Remember to always make sure to lock your car doors no matter how short your absence.
Never "hide" keys on your vehicle. They can always be found.
Never leave change or mail in view.
Do not leave your car registration in the vehicle.
Keep the interior of your car empty of possessions.

Never "hide" keys on your vehicle. They can always be found.
Never leave change or mail in view.
Do not leave your car registration in the vehicle.
Keep the interior of your car empty of possessions.

FREE home safety survey
Has your home been inspected for fire hazards? Do you have enough smoke detectors in your home and are they placed properly? Is your space heater in a safe place?

All of these question and many more can be answered by a Richmond Firefighter. Call 646-1526 now and schedule your FREE home safety survey. A Firefighter from your local fire station will come to your home for  to perform a FREE home safety inspection. Firefighters will also install FREE smoke detectors if needed and change batteries in your current detectors.

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